Car Trends
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New players on the market

New technologies in new : electronics,electric and software it's a area to new companies where could build cars using their to date knowledge.

Many of those campanies have a lot money on bank accounts and wait and look forward opportunity to invest that money for instance Google,LeEco


Depends on what materials will be available in the future. Possibly Graphen - which is 200 times stronger than steel and lighter.

There is a lot to do in design on wheel to attract customer's appeal.


The cost of productions goes up. Companies merge their forces to reduce these cost and prepare many parts together.

In new age of automotive,car's producers will combine with software companies to prepare and launch new technologies on wheel as a example GM and IBM to work out driveless car full of electronics,sensors and big data - IoT.


One of the biggest challenge for engines is fumes/emission reduction. Although electric cars are popular mainly fuel engine will be common on the road.

The main target is to reduce their emission. Today the best diesel/petrol result oscillate around 3-4l/100km. Further steps to reduce emission can be using additional, supporting technologies as electric engine or any other making hybrid car.

Sharing cars

Cars for call, cars on application- everywhere,everytime. No drivers only electric, driveless cars.

Car for a while not for own. Many shared cars,no owners and concept of mobility will change.

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